Prince Erotokritos New Collection at the Bridal Fashion Week

Athens Bridal Fashion Week was an amazing event, incorporated a stunning fashion show of Erotokritos Kimionis with his new men’s collection. The show was held at Zappeion Hall on the 13thof January 2019, in Athens, Greece. This famous Greek designer with innovative creations does a fantastic collection as his work speaks for itself.

Erotokritos Kimionis is also known as “Prince Erotokritos”. His suits are unique, sewn with attention and created of modern designs and colors. The suits are for the grooms and those who want to be distinguished from ordinary fashion styles. We enjoy “blue & black” suits as well as more particular creations with brighter colors. The great number of 40 outfits on the catwalk, was worn by celebrities of the Greek showbiz. The collection was a variation of suits, of which 10 out of 40 were designed to depict scenes from the Marbles of Parthenon. Among them was Christos Kimionis, the son of our beloved talented Greek designer, who walked the ramp too.

Erotokritos Kimionis is a man of talent, grace, courtesy, values, witty and a developed weltanschauung of his kind. He views the world under the prism of positiveness.

Erotokritos team was friendly, professional and happy to assist not only the guests but also the people backstage, as well as the media and media partners. Prince Erotokritos runway was on a par with those great runways one could see in Paris, New York or even London.

Well Done!!! 

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