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Roberto Cavalli Vodka-Butterfly Summer Tour 2018

Ιουλίου 19, 2018


A summer tour throughout Europe finds Greece amongst the six countries (with Spain, Israel, France, Croatia and Italy). This unique event was held this summer in SantAnna Paranga Beach on Mykonos island and gathered plenty of celebrities, fashionistas, journalists, fashion and industry people from 8–10 June 2018.

Greek gastronomy, Mediterranean temperament, as well as famous DJ’s and mixologists, met fashion and the contest that elected the local RCV Summer Butterfly Girl. Roberto Cavalli was awarded the international prize “Ambassadors of Taste” and then Cavalli wine and Grappa Cavalli were represented and cocktail RC Vodka & Gin were served.

The Italian finesse of Roberto Cavalli and his luxurious vodka represented in the best way at the different glamorous parties that will end on the 10th of August 2018 with special aperitifs, VIPs and of course, with fashion as they are going to elect the RCV Summer Butterfly Queen among all the winners of the various local competitions. Stay tuned……

Photos: Papadakis Press

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