Scotland International Fashion Festival Glasgow 2018


We are going to enjoy exciting designers from around the world, on a common platform along with brands, buyers, media, models, hair stylists and MUA’s. Where? In Glasgow that is held one of the biggest fashion show ever. When? On Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th of October 2018 at The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall that has played host to many amazing cultural events, including concerts and shows!

Infinity Events with organizers Humera Rana and Naveed Rana have chosen the landmark venue of the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow to host this prestigious show. The event will also showcase Glasgow as a dynamic city where economic, cultural and commercial developments are in full bloom. There will be huge attention to from local and international television stations, film companies, newspapers, magazines and social media. The event is not just about fashion, it wants to help designers build a solid foundation for learning and enterprise. Helping design businesses take to the stage and promote their brands.

Our team will be there, enjoy this fashion event and meet the participating talented designers from all over the world. So, if you are a fashion fan too, we are waiting to meet you there, take photos and do interviews! Be a part of this stunning event, only four months left…

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