MODA DYNASTIE Magazine:»GLAMING chat» about «Short and Sweet Theater Festival»


MODA DYNASTIE Magazine: Issue Mar-Apr 2018. «GLAMING» by Vassilios Vitsilogiannis &Despina Dimotsi

Short & Sweet Theater Festival was firstly introduced and founded by Mark Cleary in 2002. It was in Australia. It began as a small festival of  ten minutes plays. After all these years, is currently active across India, New Zealand, Malaysia, and obviously UAE. It’s easier to perform within 10 mins because it is more concise, doesn’t tire the audience whereas some others where more stagnant. Indeed, and the deliberation was hard. I can’t recall all of them but some of the plays that were awarded were : «Lifetime», «The Organ Connection», and «Whatever». That «Lifetime» was excellent and the actors gave the best out of them, which means that the festival was a success.



page 108-109


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