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Arab Fashion Week S5 2017 – a Fabulous Fashion event

Νοέμβριος 26, 2017


Many credits to Mr. Jacob Abrian (Founder & CEO of Arab Fashion Week) who made this unique event happen.

Many designers attended the show with their stunning creations: Tony Ward (Lebanese designer), Louzan (latest collection of Abaya’s), David Tlale, eLSi Couture (Armenian designer), Dimple Amrin (showcased her Ready Couture Spring-Summer 2018 Collection), Faspiration (showcased their latest Pre- Fall Winter 2018 Collection), Nordic Angels (the Fashion designer, Marketa Hakinnen had a presentation), Mario Orfei (Italian fashion designer), Leonardo Spadini (had a presentation for his various styles of the chinchilla fur garments), Renato Balestra (The international acclaimed Italian fashion designer, showcased his Ready Couture Spring-Summer 2018), Amato Couture (Dubai based designer), Minaz (Malaysian designer), Humariff (Russian designer), Estelle Mantel (designer based in Zambia), PHUONG MY (Vietnamese designer), Ludovica Virga (creator of the Mua Mua Dolls is a young Italian designer who showcased her collection), Viola Ambree (Swiss designer), Christophe Guillarmé ( French designer),  Kartikeya (Indian fashion designer), Aiisha Ramadan ( Dubai based Lebanese designer), Saher Dia (Abu Dhabi based designer) and The Winner of the Lavazza Design Competition Aliyaa Al Faour presented her very first collection at the Arab Fashion Week .

Maserati exhibited its two most important vehicles and added Blue color to lively atmosphere of the Arab Fashion Week.

Also attended the event : Lara Tabet (TV Presenter in Emirates), Daniela Shaw (Producer of China Fashion Week), Annina Alexis (Presenter of China Fashion) and Vassilios Nicolaos Vitsilogiannis (Journalist and Founder of FunViewsOnline-He covered the event with interviews). They were all absolutely great!!!

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