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A visit to Frankfurt Film Museum

Οκτώβριος 7, 2017


Do you love film history? Do you enjoy planning stories and writing reviews? If you type “yes” you need to visit Frankfurt Film Museum and all kind of museums like that.

From film history till media and special effects in this museum you can find also costumes (photo 1), autographs (photo 2) as long as cameras (photo 3), photo cameras and new systems that have been used to film scenes and manage the sound. From its inception to our days filming has made a huge progress as long as the technology has always something new to offer. This combination seems to be a tool for innovation and social media progress in general.

The most fascinating room was the one that had three screens in which the visitor could be part of the short movie inside the TV (photo 4). At the third floor we found a team that helps you to make a video using a small studio and their dressing room!

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